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February 04, 2019 2 min read

Giveaway Highlights

One of my favorite parts of Bear loves Meadow is announcing the winners of the of the giveaways! It was especially fun to giveaway a product I've loved long before I was a parent—the Stokke Tripp Trapp High Chair with Baby Set. Our winner, Jamie F picked the gorgeous Midnight Blue color, a new color for the 2019 model. 

Why we picked the Stokke Tripp Trapp High Chair: The minimal Scandinavian design first attracted us to it, but the amazing features are what convinced us it was a truly great product. The design and functionality of the Tripp Trapp has been iconic since 1972. I remember learning about this product way back as a design student. The design allow baby to sit close to the table and small footprint is great for smaller spaces. It has adjustable seat and footplates for excellent ergonomics and the ability to adapt as your baby grows. It's balanced to be next to impossible to tip over (the Extended Glider Set accessory adds extra stability to the base for those extra mobile kiddos).

The baby set is another way to add extra safety and comfort for your baby. I love products with accessories and options! For 2019, Stokke started offering bundled pricing for the chair with the baby set which lowered the price—yes! And although this still puts the price point is on the high side of high chairs, I feel like it is worth it as this is a product designed to last for years - from infancy into toddlerhood. A few more accessories include the Newborn Set which lifts your newborn up to your height at the table and the Tray Table which turns the chair into a stand-alone high chair. You can check out the complete catalog of accessories on their site.

It comes in a ton of color options (we have the red) so it's easy to find something that fits in with your home style and looks less like a piece of gear and more like a furniture. 

We also hooked Jamie up with an $100 gift certificate to Betsy + Iya, a Portland-based jewelry company. I have several rings and pairs of earring from them and it's become my go-to place for gifts for friends and family. We know how much parents give to their kids (especially when they're little) and wanted to include something special just for mama.

Runner-up Gifts: We selected two surprise runner-up winners, Jennifer F and Tatiana V who won a trio of coffees from another Portland company, Stumptown Coffee. Stumptown is brewed on the daily at our house! The Trapper Creek is one of my favorite decafs.

Stumptown Coffee

Congratulations to all our winners! Thank you so much for being a part of our community!


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