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November 27, 2019 3 min read

The first months of your baby's life might seem like a never-ending cycle of diapers, feeding, and sleeping, but playtime is a major part of your little one's development, too! These are a few toys that promote development during this incredible time of early discovery and beyond as they begin to navigate the use of their tiny hands, feet and all their senses. They've also been carefully chosen because of their flexible use and ability to grow with your child.


Busy Bear Activity Doll

Every baby needs a sidekick. This friendly little buddy, the Busy Bear Activity Doll is an instant BFF with plenty of accessories—a crinkly shape that jiggles when pulled, super soft crinkly ears, and colorful ribbon tabs—to help develop hand-eye coordination. It's made of organic soft cotton with a solid beech wood ring that's perfect for teething. The high contrast patterns are not only adorable, but they stimulate little one's sensory development, too.

See it here  Petit Collage Busy Bear Activity Doll


Cloth Rattle

Our favorite cloth rattle is the Margeaux Moose Rattle made of 100% GOTS certified organic cotton and certified low impact fabric dye and naturally hypoallergenic corn fiber filler. I'm from Alaska originally, so naturally, I have a special place in my heart for all things moose. We also have the matching moose doll for big sister.

See it here → Margeaux Moose Rattle 


Wooden Rattle and Teether

Our favorite wooden rattle is the beautiful Skwish Natural Rattle and Teether made of sustainable wood. It's great for developing motor skills with the benefit of teething relief, too. It's easy to clutch and rattle which makes the beads move back and forth keeping baby engaged. This is one that can grow with your child from infancy into childhood. The award-winning design has been a favorite of parents for over 30 years! 

See it here → Skwish Natural Rattle and Teether


Convertible Cones

I discovered this amazing open-ended toy while looking for a more traditional teether to help my poor baby who’d been hurting so much. HIX Convertible Cones come as a set of four colorful and flexible cones. Each cone has two little grooves along the sides so they can be folded and stacked in different ways. They’re made of food-grade silicone so they are dishwasher safe and if you choose to use them as teethers like I did, you can put them in the freezer for extra teething relief. My toddler loves building towers with them or using them in the kitchen as “ketchup”, “birthday cake”, “popsicles” and almost any other food you can imagine. They’re great in the bathtub, too. I love open-ended and versatile toys!

See it here → HIX Convertible Cones



From tummy time to fort time, the Lovevery Playmat takes you little one from lifting their head as a newborn to hide-and-seek as a toddler. It was designed by child development experts with five development zones that reveal or conceal to prevent overstimulation and promote learning. It's not the cheapest playmat, but for what you get, it's worth the splurge. Their whole line up of toys is really well designed.

See it here → Lovevery Playmat


A Fun and Colorful Board Book

We were gifted Circle, Triangle, Elephant: A Book of Shapes and Surprises before my first daughter was born and I can confidently say it was her first favorite book. What I love is that it has continued to remain interesting to her month after month. As a baby, she liked the high contrast design. As a toddler, she’s able to identify the shapes and colors and now has started counting them.

See it here → Circle, Triangle, Elephant: A Book of Shapes and Surprises


Soft Book

The Sea Tails Soft Book has all the things! It's squiggly, stripey, crinkly and brushy! It has oodles of colorful and touchable tails that are fun to interact with. The illustrations are super fun and it even has a little Velcro loop so it can easily be attached to a stroller so it's always close by. This is a fun one for sure that has gone the distance in our household.

See it here Sea Tails Soft Book 



Tummy time is a big part of the first six months and a floor mirror is a must-have for your little explorer. The Skip Hop Silver Lining Cloud Activity Mirror is a favorite because of its great features including two play positions: fold-and-stand or hang from two straps. It has multiple textures for sensory development and a textured, cloud-shaped teether. Of course, you know I like how cute the pops of neon look, but they're actually really great for visual stimulation.

See it here  Skip Hop Silver Lining Cloud Activity Mirror 


These early weeks and months are such an incredible time. Incredibly amazing and incredibly hard. We hope these toys give you some ideas for ways to play with your little learning machine between the diaper changes and feedings. 

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